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Minecraft Villagers Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 2 3 Death of X Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 3 8 What the Dog Eater looks like :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 1 1
Dog Eater pt.2
Chapter 3 Longest Day
It has been a week since Rufus encountered the strange creature and there had been no signs of it’s presence around the family’s property. On Saturday morning, the family had left for their cousin’s 10th birthday party and would be gone for the next 4 hours. After they left, Rufus took a nap, rolled around on the sofa, and stole Doggie treats from the cupboard. After a while he went outside through his dog door, however this time he decided to go over to Harold’s yard. He crossed the street and marked his territory on his front yard, Harold had left for the hardware store and also wouldn’t be back for a few hours. Rufus walked into the backyard, there he found clumps of white fur scattered across the yard, several of the fences to the cages were torn off. Rufus sniffed around and found the scent of the Rabbits, the attack had happened last night. He followed the scent of one rabbit into the woods behind Harold’s house, it went o
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Spring Sunset :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 3 5
Dog Eater pt.1
In the countryside of Oregon, a family had just moved into a small neighborhood near the forest. This family consisted of a man named Clint, his wife Emily, their 8 year old son Mason, their 16 year old daughter Vivian, and their dog Rufus their Boxer. The reason they moved here was because Clint had been transferred to a new company. They had a big yard that Rufus could run around in, there were even paths that went into different areas of the woods. For the first 2 months nothing happened except for them unpacking and the kids got enrolled in school but in August, everything changed for one member of the family, Rufus.
Chapter 1
Night out
It all started on a saturday night, the family was getting ready to go out to eat at a fancy restaurant to celebrate the kids being accepted into school and for Clint’s success at school. Rufus was drinking out of his water bowl as Clint yelled, “Emily, have you seen my black tie?” “It’s hanging in your closet
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Cutting Room Floor part 3 :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 3 0
My Review of Return to Oz
We all saw the Wizard of Oz as a kid but, I bet a lot of people don’t know that Disney made an unofficial sequel to the classic 1939 film and anyone who would probably remembers it for being really dark compared to the first one. While it’s not technically connected to the MGM film it’s meant to be an adaptation of the book’s sequel, Return to Ozma. Today, I’m going to give my 2 cents on this movie on Return to Oz, keep in mind I haven’t seen all of it but most of it so I’ll be brief on the plot.
So our story starts off with Dorothy’s family rebuilding their home after the Tornado (unlike in the MGM classic where it was revealed to be a dream), first thing you may notice is that Dorothy is a kid in this movie but she is actually a really great actress compared to most child actors. Auntie Emm and Uncle Henry worry about her and send her to an Asylum that specializes in electric shock therapy. It is here she meets a doctor, a cruel nurse t
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Wander vs Aberth :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 2 10 Realization of fear Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 6 6 SJW Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 12 13 Infinity Train Motivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 11 7
My Tattletail game theories
As we all know, Tattletail is a new horror game that's very obscure about it's lore and environment, most notably is where are the player's parents while you're being hunted by a recalled evil toy in the dead of night. It is shown in the game that you can knock on your Mom's door, but with no response.
What's worth noting is that it just says "MOM'S" door and not "Mom and Dad's" door. On Christmas, you are also tasked to wake up "Your Mom" instead of "Your Parents". Why would this be? One reason for this could be that the player's parents are divorced and you are spending Christmas at your Mom's house, or perhaps the father has died.
What if the player's father worked at the factory that produced the Tattletails? We see in some of the security footage that show that some of the factory employees were killed by Momma. What's even stanger is that the security tape was in the player's basement, it could be possible one of the Tattletails or Momma brought this over but it would probably be
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10 Characters that need a comeback/return :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 8 16 Cat Bros :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 6 7 Wander vs Dionin (Updated) :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 1 3


1. Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Write 13 things about yourself. (Well, as much as you'd like to share about yourself!)
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#1 What's your favorite season?

#2 If you worked at Cartoon Network what would you do?
I'd fix the schedule by having evenly distributed timeslots for all shows (air Teen Titans Go! once to twice a week at most) and have a retro day where all the old cartoons like Ed Edd n' Eddy, would be aired.

#3 Who is your favorite characters on Friends?

#4 Is this random?

#5 What clubs/groups did you join in school?
Best Buddies for 3 years in High School

#6 Who are your favorite Youtubers?
TheOdd1sOut, Teddy Bear the Porcupine, Grumpy Cat, PieGuyRulz, and Coyote Peterson to name a few.

#7 What's your favorite kind of Pie?

#8 Who are your favorite X-Men characters?
Angel/Archangel, Beast, Wolverine, Deadpool, Cyclops, Quicksilver, Magneto, and Charles Xavier

#9 Were you popular in school?
Alot of people knew me and some were my friend but I wasn't popular

#10 How old are you?
22 years old

#11 Did you ever have to do a science fair in school?
No, and based what I've heard about them I'm glad I didn't.

#12 What's your least favorite season?

#13 How many times have you been tagged?
This is my third time.

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