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Cutting Room Floor part 3 :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 2 0
My Review of Return to Oz
We all saw the Wizard of Oz as a kid but, I bet a lot of people don’t know that Disney made an unofficial sequel to the classic 1939 film and anyone who would probably remembers it for being really dark compared to the first one. While it’s not technically connected to the MGM film it’s meant to be an adaptation of the book’s sequel, Return to Ozma. Today, I’m going to give my 2 cents on this movie on Return to Oz, keep in mind I haven’t seen all of it but most of it so I’ll be brief on the plot.
So our story starts off with Dorothy’s family rebuilding their home after the Tornado (unlike in the MGM classic where it was revealed to be a dream), first thing you may notice is that Dorothy is a kid in this movie but she is actually a really great actress compared to most child actors. Auntie Emm and Uncle Henry worry about her and send her to an Asylum that specializes in electric shock therapy. It is here she meets a doctor, a cruel nurse t
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Wander vs Aberth :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 2 10 Realization of fear Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 5 6 SJW Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 6 6 Infinity Train Motivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 9 7
My Tattletail game theories
As we all know, Tattletail is a new horror game that's very obscure about it's lore and environment, most notably is where are the player's parents while you're being hunted by a recalled evil toy in the dead of night. It is shown in the game that you can knock on your Mom's door, but with no response.
What's worth noting is that it just says "MOM'S" door and not "Mom and Dad's" door. On Christmas, you are also tasked to wake up "Your Mom" instead of "Your Parents". Why would this be? One reason for this could be that the player's parents are divorced and you are spending Christmas at your Mom's house, or perhaps the father has died.
What if the player's father worked at the factory that produced the Tattletails? We see in some of the security footage that show that some of the factory employees were killed by Momma. What's even stanger is that the security tape was in the player's basement, it could be possible one of the Tattletails or Momma brought this over but it would probably be
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10 Characters that need a comeback/return :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 6 16 Cat Bros :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 6 7 Wander vs Dionin (Updated) :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 1 3 Top 10 characters that need a comeback template :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 3 0 Miracle Star Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 12 1 Godzilla villain Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 2 0 Wander vs Dionin :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 3 7 Top 10 Shows with wasted potential :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 8 27 Surf's Up 2 Demotivational Poster :iconelementalsunburst:ElementalSunburst 5 3


Unpopular Opinion(KeybladeMagicalDan Version) Pt2
Unpopular Opinions part 2.
1. Hatsune Miku is most overrated singer in history of music lately by all hype from news channel,video games,phone apps & etc as her in center of everything.
2.The Joker is an overrated villain and nowhere near the best villain in any type of comics.
3. Aquaman is a king of ocean who isn't a useless friend like in superfriends,Arthur has taken hits from a pissed Wonder Woman,Martian Manhunter & Lobo and have a badass wife called Mera.
4. Yuno Gasai from future dairy is most boring,one dimensional and uninteresting main character in general like same problems i had with Jeff the killer in general.
5. Sasuke from Naruto is a better character compare to Prince Diamond from Sailormoon,Kisshu from Mew Ichigo,Homura from Madoka series,Aizen from Bleach,Sugou from SAO,Nar
:iconkeyblademagicdan:KeybladeMagicDan 3 40
March 25th - Vader en Zoon :iconkanyiko:kanyiko 8 3 Tiny Scorpion Robot :icontukoo-tukoo:Tukoo-Tukoo 6 2 Bigfoot :icontukoo-tukoo:Tukoo-Tukoo 5 2 BIG GIANT CANNON ROBOT :icontukoo-tukoo:Tukoo-Tukoo 5 0 The Spectacular Spider-Man Original Black Suit :iconvalrahmortem:ValrahMortem 356 31 Long Gone Gulch persona/oc redesign :iconlawfulstudios9646:LawfulStudios9646 7 2 March 24th - the world of Hanna-Barbera :iconkanyiko:kanyiko 27 7 Llama and Koala :icontukoo-tukoo:Tukoo-Tukoo 11 6 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Winged-Akatsuki!!! :icontukoo-tukoo:Tukoo-Tukoo 13 13 Yellowesome! :iconvidamasu:Vidamasu 18 12 Football Players :iconclaudio51:claudio51 85 33 Thumbs Up [ Free Base] PSD format :iconcain-draws:Cain-Draws 9 4 Oh dear! :iconpaulosarmniento:PauloSarmniento 3 5 Yin Lu and Shin 2 :icontukoo-tukoo:Tukoo-Tukoo 14 2 The Burning train :iconwojciechdziadosz:WojciechDziadosz 702 178


Since April Fool's Day shall soon be upon us, I am going to let you all in a prank I'm planning for my Mom. I am going to build a fake Parking Boot and stick it on her car. How will I do this you may ask? First I will construct the base out of cardboard, possibly a few magnets, and a frisbee and then spray paint it Orange. Next, I'll wait until we go somewhere and hide it in the backseat while in the car. Once we arrive, I will sneakily place it on her tire when she's not looking, as well as maybe put a fake parking ticket on her car to complete the illusion. When we return, I will try to hard a straight face long enough until she figures out it's all fake. Hopefully we won't draw attention to ourselves and share a good laugh.

If anyone wishes to copy this prank, please do so responsibly and to someone you know and can take a joke.
Cutting Room Floor part 3

Hey everyone, I hope I’m not annoying anyone by doing another Cutting Room Floor meme, but they’re just fun to do. Here is the link to the blank template if you want to do your own:


Spoiler Alert, I might be revealing some plot points.

All images and properties belong to their respective owners.

#10 Meowth’s Party (Canceled Pokemon Game) - Back in the early 2000’s, Nintendo created a demo for a game called “Meowth’s Party” to promote their newest system: The Gamecube. The demo itself had no real gameplay but cutscenes and music that the game might’ve featured. It even had the 4Kids cast reprise their roles as Meowth, Jessie, and James. The game was supposed to be about Team Rocket throwing shindigs to lure Pokemon to steal with gameplay similar to Rockband. Sadly the plug was pulled on Meowth’s Party but there is a homage to it in Smash Bros. Melee as an unlockable Meowth trophy.

#9 Shanghaied Alternate Endings (Spongebob) - In the episode “Shanghaied”, The Flying Dutchman personally decides who gets their last wish. In real life however, the fans voted online to pick who got the last wish (Spongebob won). In both unused endings the group gets eaten but, for different reasons. If Squidward got the wish he would’ve wished to have never met Spongebob and Patrick, but the Dutchman only wipes their memory of him and they get eaten. In Patrick’s wish, he wishes for mint gum claiming “If we’re going to be here forever, we might as well have fresh breath!” Spongebob and Squidward glumly chew some gum before they are eaten by the Dutchman.

#8 Unused levels from Crash Twinsanity (Crash Bandicoot) - Crash Twinsanity has many removed and unfinished features in the game’s code and concept art, such as Coco being playable, Crash wielding a sword, and several removed levels. My personal favorites are the levels “Gone a bit Coco” (Cortex enters Coco’s mind), Ocean Commotion (Crash pilots Mecha Bandicoot and uses it to destroy the Reverse Vise Versa device that was also removed from the game), and the unnamed Airboard level (Crash and/or Cortex pilot the airboard through a canyon full of flying swordfish). Ironically, components from some of these levels still exist and can even be used in the game via hacking or glitching.

#7 The Wampas break into Echo Base (The Empire Strikes Back) - Originally the Wampas were meant to dig their way into the Rebel Base as the Empire began moving in and attack Rebels and Snowtroopers alike. The Rebels would mark a door that contained them with a warning sign which C3P0 would rip off to fool some unsuspecting Snowtroopers. One unfortunate trooper gets pulled in through the door and mauled when he opens it. Vader hears the Wampas roar and takes the rest of the Snowtroopers away from the hallway. This scene would actually referenced in the new EA Battlefront game in which you can find the door with the warning sign in the Echo Base level, you can even hear the Wampa’s roaring on the other side.

#6 Toy Story level (Kingdom Hearts) - I must admit, I’ve never played Kingdom Hearts! That said, I was pretty surprised that Toy Story was planned to be in the series. Little is known about the Toy Story level and the only proof of it’s existence are the unfinished models of Buzz and Woody in the game’s files. It would’ve been cool to see what the level would’ve been like, I don’t know who’d be the main villain for the level probably Zurg or Stinky Pete. Hopefully in a future KH game they’ll add this in, especially if they get all the Voice Actors from the movies.

Plus, I think we can all agree that they should’ve had this instead of Chicken Little.

#5 Jurassic Park: Chaos Effect (Jurassic Park) - Long before Jurassic World surprised the world with hybrid Dinos, Hasbro released a series of toys that were hybrid Dinos. There were plans for a series to go alongside the toys, but due to lack of popularity it never came to fruition and was most likely recycled into Jurassic World.

#4 The Enchanted River (Desolation of Smaug) - The Enchanted River was a big obstacle in the book and I am surprised they took it out of the movie. The scene plays out mostly as it does in the book, the Dwarves and Bilbo find the river cursed by the Necromancer and if they touch it they will fall into a deep sleep, Bombur falls in. Unlike the Book, they don’t shoot an arrow tied to a rope and use a boat to cross, rather they climb across vines and tree roots to get across.

#3 Hydro Man (Spectacular Spider-man) - There are many rumors of what would’ve happened in Season 3 of Spectacular Spider-man, one of the biggest possibilities was Morris Bench becoming Hydro Man. Morris only appeared in one episode in season 2 where he was voiced by Bill Fagerbakke, the man behind Patrick Star and Marshall’s father from How I met your Mother. Given the fact he was voiced by a celebrity like Vulture and the treatment of characters of Venom, Doc Ock, and Mysterio it can be presumed he would’ve returned and developed into a villain similar to Electro or Molten Man. Interestingly, Bill Fagerbakke would go on to voice Hydro Man in his aqua form for the Spider-man ride in Orlando.

#2 The unused Colossi (Shadow of the Colossus) - Originally there were planned to be 48 Colossi, 24 were programmed into the game before being scrapped due to the limitations of the PS2 or being too powerful/difficult, causing only 16 were implemented into the final game. Some Unused Colossi include a Spider, a Boar, a Griffon, and Phoenix to name a few. Hopefully someday we will see these Colossi in action as many people want a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus, but for now we have the originals.

#1 Beastly Kingdom (Disney World) - For the first time on one of these lists, I’ll be talking about a planned location. At Disney World there is a place called the Animal Kingdom, which is separated into two groups, Dinosaurs and regular Animals. Originally there was planned to be a third kingdom called the “Beastly Kingdom” which would be dedicated to mythical creatures of both good and evil. Many attractions were planned, such as the park’s first inverted coaster, a real fire breathing Dragon, and a Fantasia ride. There was even a McDonalds toy made to help promote Beastly Kingdom. Unfortunately, due to space and budgeting issues the park scrapped the idea and instead focused on Dinoland to help promote Disney’s DInosaur, both of which would later fail. Today, in the land where Beastly Kingdom was planned to be is now going to be home to Avatar. You know, the movie that WASN’T made by Disney. It is sad that we might never get a Beastly Kingdom but, there are scattered Easter eggs of it in the Animal Kingdom.

Honorable Mentions:

The cancelled 2009 Flash game - An awesome game that would've had awesome gameplay and many of Flash's foes.

Ghostbusters 3 - This infamously planned sequel was going to be a passing of the torch film, Anne Hatheway would’ve been one of the stars.

The Waterfall scene (Phantom Menace) - The Jedi and Jar Jar Binks escape their submarine before goes over the waterfalls.

The Egypt level (Sly 4) - Originally there was meant to be a 6th level set in Ancient Egypt, instead Sly was sent to Egypt in the secret ending.
We all saw the Wizard of Oz as a kid but, I bet a lot of people don’t know that Disney made an unofficial sequel to the classic 1939 film and anyone who would probably remembers it for being really dark compared to the first one. While it’s not technically connected to the MGM film it’s meant to be an adaptation of the book’s sequel, Return to Ozma. Today, I’m going to give my 2 cents on this movie on Return to Oz, keep in mind I haven’t seen all of it but most of it so I’ll be brief on the plot.

So our story starts off with Dorothy’s family rebuilding their home after the Tornado (unlike in the MGM classic where it was revealed to be a dream), first thing you may notice is that Dorothy is a kid in this movie but she is actually a really great actress compared to most child actors. Auntie Emm and Uncle Henry worry about her and send her to an Asylum that specializes in electric shock therapy. It is here she meets a doctor, a cruel nurse that steals her lunch, and a mysterious girl who breaks her out in a storm. The two separate in a raging river while escaping and Dorothy is carried to Oz. But she’s not alone, her pet chicken, Belina somehow arrived with her and can now talk because of the magic of Oz (despite Toto not receiving this ability when he came to Oz). The two find their own home in a destroyed Munchkin Land and follow what’s left of the Yellow Brick road to see what’s become of the Emerald city. Unlike before when it took forever to reach the Emerald City, here it takes less than a day. Once she arrives, Dorothy and Belinda find all it’s inhabitants have been turned to stone, even her friends the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. After mourning them, they are attacked by a group of creatures called the Wheelers who chase them into a building and tell her that someone known as the Nome King has banned chickens. Dorothy and Belina then find a wind up robot that was a guard for the Emerald City, they wind him up and he informs them that the Nome King has also kidnapped the Scarecrow and is responsible for all that has happened to Oz. Tik Tok then fights off the Wheelers and interogates one to find Princess Mombi, the new ruler of the Emerald City. The three then find her to ask for her help only to find out that she has teamed up with the Nome King in exchange for him to give her people’s heads that she can wear to keep herself beautiful. Mombi then decides to keep Dorothy around so she can take Dorothy’s head when she’s older, as Tik Tok’s wind up power runs out Dorothy and Belina are locked up in a room. It is here they meet Jack Pumpkinhead, a scarecrow like creature that likes to refer to Dorothy as “Mom” since she reminds him of his real mother. He reveals he was created with Mombi’s life powder, they then sneak out of the room and wind up Tik Tok. Jack, Tik Tok, and Belina try to build the Gump, a flying creature which is a deer’s head tied to a couch and palm leaves. Meanwhile Dorothy tries to steal the Life Powder from Mombi as her headless body sleeps, she finds it in a cabinet with her real head. Dorothy accidentally wakes her as she takes the powder, Mombi’s headless body chases after her but needs her head to see so Dorothy locks the cabinet with her head buying herself time. Dorothy then returns to her friends as Mombi gets her head back, they pour the Life Powder on the Gump. At first it does nothing but they then say the magic words which brings it to life, the Gump takes off before Mombi can catch them.

The next day, the Gump falls apart in the sky and they crash into the mountains which happens to be the Nome King’s kingdom. He welcomes them in and informs them that the reason why he trapped the Scarecrow and turned the Emerald City’s inhabitants to stone is because they took his Emeralds to build the Emerald City. He did so by using the Ruby Red Slippers which fell out of the sky when Dorothy first left Oz. The Nome King then reveals he has turned the Scarecrow into an ornament but, if Dorothy and her friends can guess which one and he will be turned back to normal but if they guess wrong they too will be turned into an ornament. Dorothy’s friends go first and all guess wrong, with each failure the Nome King becomes more and more human. When it’s Dorothy’s turn the Nome King tells her he can send her home if she’ll never think of Oz again, but she refuses to abandon her friends. Once Dorothy enters the ornament room, the Nome King reveals to Mombi that he will soon be entirely human and free to spread his evil through Oz. But soon Dorothy picks a green Emerald because it’s the same as the Emerald City, the Scarecrow is then changed back to normal and the two search around believing that her friends have also been turned into green ornaments. Because of this, the Nome King quickly begins to revert back to his old form, enraged he puts Mombi in a cage and sends his minions after Dorothy and her friends. The Nome King then transforms into a monster and tries to eat them, starting with Jack Pumpkinhead. Suddenly, The Nome stops before he can put Jack in his mouth as soon as he hears the cluck of a chicken. Belina had hid in Jack’s head and lays an egg out of fear, which rolls into the Nome King’s mouth. The Nome King then tells them that eggs are poisonous to Nomes as he disintegrates and the kingdom begins to collapse. Dorothy quickly finds and uses the Ruby slippers to get everyone, including Mombi out and return to the Emerald City. As the Nome King dies, the Emerald City and all it’s inhabitants are returned to normal. They are then paraded through the halls of the Emerald City as heroes and Dorothy sees the mysterious girl that broke her out was actually the true ruler of Oz as well as Jack Pumkinhead’s real Mom, who was cast out by Mombi. She then tells Dorothy to forgive Mombi because she lost her her magic and is powerless. Dorothy then hands over the Ruby slippers and gives a goodbye to her friends once more, Belina says she is going to stay and the ruler of Oz sends Dorothy home.

Back in Kansas, Uncle Henry finds her in the river and brings her to shore. It is revealed that the Asylum burnt down and the doctor died. The cruel nurse is also arrested and sent off. They all return to the farm where Dorothy sees her friends in a mirror, she tries to show her Aunt but the ruler of Oz tells her to keep them a secret and that they’re never far aways. The movie ends as the camera zooms out on the half finished house on the farm.

Now let’s talk about the good and bad about this movie,

The Good:
Everyone are great actors
All the special effects look incredible and have held up
The story is intriguing
All the character designs are creative and unique
The characters themselves each have distinct and likable personalities
The world of Oz is explored more
Like the first movie, the characters are inspired by the people and objects Dorothy meets in real life (for instance Mombi is based on the cruel nurse and the Gump is inspired by a game trophy in the Asylum)
The set pieces are amazing.

The Bad:
There are several frightening scenes which can easily scare young kids, most notably is the headless Mombi scene.
The film has a much darker tone than the original as well
Hardly any of the original characters from the first movie are in this movie, the Tin Man only has one line and Toto is only in one or two scenes.
Some of the new characters can seem like replacements or copies of the originals
Like most book to film adaptations, there are a few changes but nothing too bad.

Overall, I strongly recommend this classic. It’s a forgotten classic that I think a lot of people would enjoy. For any parents out there, I strongly recommend showing this to kids who could handle dark and eerie things as there are a lot of that stuff in here.
I’d rate this film 4 / 5 stars.
Wander vs Aberth
Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Here is another unused Collosi from the game Shadow of the Colossus. While it's true name is "Spider" fans have nicknamed it "Aberth". 
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